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On Submissiveness: A Note

Dear Readers,

A recent opinion piece I wrote called “On Submissiveness” tackled the sensitive topic of the halakhic process. The short article was meant to emphasize that the halakhic tradition contained within it not only submission to the divine will, but also the struggle to understand the divine will. I have been told that some readers understood that I was attempting to undermine all rabbinic authority, something that is patently absurd for those of us who care deeply about tradition and Orthodoxy. In light of this unexpected reaction, I have asked the editor of The Commentator to take down the article while I re-evaluate the way in which the ideas were expressed and the ways in which they might be interpreted when put out in a forum such as this rather than in a rabbinic or scholarly journal.

I wish to thank all readers for the feedback I received, and request that thoughts, comments, and criticisms be sent to me at
Shabbat Shalom,
Aaron Koller