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Get Out and Go

There is really only one rule for living in NYC, and it’s not really a rule as much as a truism. If you live here, and you find yourself bored… you’re doing it wrong.

To put it another way, let’s try a thought experiment. Close your eyes, engage in any other arbitrary motion that strikes your fancy, and try to think of something you can’t do in NYC. If you came up with sports that require one to be on horseback, you’re actually right, to the best of my knowledge, but, then again, one can find country clubs just about anywhere else. In all seriousness, this really is it, this is the capital of STUFF TO DO, and you’re here. I can think of 25,000 people in North Dakota who’d kill to be you  right now. Everything that goes on, goes on here, and goes on in a big way. You name it: music, theatre, film, literature, poetry, journalism, art, fashion, architecture, and anything else that can pass for a hobby or profession is practiced here, if not centered outright. Love movies, but have never seen one in production? Just walk downtown, anywhere, and you’re more likely to see a film set than an empty cab. Always admired the portraits of Rembrandt, the colors of Picasso, the intricate lines of Klee? Come see the old masters and the new at any one  of the major art museums of the world, located here in NYC, particularly the Met, which is, as always, free. Bob your head and thrash your limbs to your ipod? Awesome, welcome to the live music capital of the world.

I think you get the idea.

The fact remains though, that in the endless, nearly infinite amount of cultural goings on in the city at any given time, it’s easy perhaps not to get bored, but to become overwhelmed by the sheer range of choices. That’s where we at the Commie Arts and Culture section come in. In future issues expect reviews of the latest books, films, plays, musicals, albums, art exhibits, and whatever else is out there, all with an eye to the YU student, and his or her free time. If it’s Thursday night, and you’re unsure what to do, and your Netflix queue doesn’t look too alluring, then just pick up the latest Commie, or go online to our website at, see what’s up, and GO. That’s what we’re here for, no more, no less. And, like anything else here at the Commie, the conversation is always a two way street. Got a favorite spot for some jazz, or found a great little bookstore with a killer used section? Tell us! We welcome all students to sound off in this section about their cultural New York. Just drop us a line at and enlighten your fellow students.

To be young in New York is truly a blessing, and it is a gift realized best by simply getting out there and doing. So don’t worry, don’t try to have a perfect night out the first time, or any time really. Just get out there and discover the city, and all its world expanding, soul sustaining treasures. And remember, the last shuttle uptown is at 2.