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News Briefs

Outgoing Student Governments End Year With a Bang

Though election season brought in next year’s student leaders, this year’s counsel’s are going out with a bang. This past Shabbat, SOY-JSC and TAC teamed up to organize the year’s largest shabbaton bringing 80 men to the Bedford hotel and more taggers-on at Shabbat programming. Speaker Rabbi Ozer Glickman was unable to attend due to the unfortunate passing of his sister (B”DH), and all learning—lead by Nechama Price—was dedicated to her memory. The student governments added Lag Ba’omer programming to their agenda this year, bringing students to Tenzer Garden in a festive mood with pizza, fries, and ice cream. Other impressive year-end events have included a Yankees game attended by 100 students and an exclusive premiere of the highly anticipated movie remake of Yehuda Avner’s political memoir, The Prime Ministers.

Senior Dinner: We’re On a Boat

On Tuesday, May 7, the senior class celebrated its imminent graduation with a ride on a New York City yacht past the famous skyline and our city’s lovely Lady Liberty. More than 200 students enjoyed the Mendy’s catered event with sartorial flare, sporting formal attire and WASP-y attitudes to boot. After a magician barely contained the crowd’s growing anxiety from, the ship returned to dock and another class of YU graduates took their final school-bus ride back to their respective campuses. Congratulations to Senior Class Presidents David “Diesel” Muller and Atara Burian on a job well done, and to Vice President Brian Goodman on his election as next year’s Senior Class President as well!

YCDS Awards Ceremony Recognizes Winners, Graduates

On Wednesday night, May 8, a group about 50 strong congregated at the Schottenstein Theater for the 48th annual awards ceremony and reception. Notable among this year’s winners were Tani Isaac (Best Actor, 12 Angry Men) and Doni Mandell (Best Actor, Mister Roberts), both graduating seniors whose outstanding performances the society will certainly miss. Moshe Wigder and Benjamin Weinreich also took home metal, receiving Best Supporting Actor for their roles in 12 Angry Men and Mister Roberts, respectively, while Chief of Set Netanel Shafier received the coveted Krug Award recognizing an “excellent and definitive contribution” to the society on the technical side of the theater. Director Lin Snider wished well to several graduating members, while several others were inducted into the national dramatics society, Alpha Psi Omega.

YU Journal of Fine Arts Goes to Print

According to inside sources, the YU Journal of Fine Arts—also known as Something Rich and Strange or, more colloquially, as the Litmag—has gone to press and will soon be available to the student body and faculty for their reading pleasure. The JFA is an undergraduate journal of creative writing and visual art edited by students and composed entirely of student contributions. The Journal is published annually with the support of the Yeshiva and Stern College Dean’s Offices. Look out for copies of this year’s journal at local YU newsstands in the coming weeks!

Commentator Staff Turning Over, Gavriel Brown Named Editor-in-Chief

As the academic year comes to a close, the 77th year of The Commentator comes to an end as well. With the new year will come some continuing staff, some internal shuffling, and some as always, new writers, editors, graphic designers, web designers, business managers and other assorted positions. The Commentator is glad to announce that Gavriel Brown will be leading this newspaper as Editor-in-Chief in the coming year. Gavriel began as a writer, moved up to become Features Editor and then News Editor, and has written many long, diverse, and important articles in The Commentator and other student publications. Mr. Brown was also recently awarded first prize in the 2013 Eli Wiesel Prize for Ethics Essay contest. Enthusiastic students looking to get involved with The Commie should contact Gavriel or any member of the staff for more information about getting involved in the best extra-curricular on campus.