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Meet the Press: Yoni Weitz

Yoni Weitz, Mathematics

Desired position in Student Government:  

SOY - JSC President


My name is Yoni Weitz.  People seem to like me because I am polite and rarely late.  I like to eat ice creme and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks (Anchorman).   I am a serious student both in the Yeshiva and the University.  I am personable and hard working, and look forward to hopefully representing my peers as SOY-JSC President.

Why are you running for this position on student council?

hope to become the next SOY-JSC president so that I can contribute in a very significant way to fulfill the religious needs of Yeshiva University's Wilf Campus Students.  I have benefited from the services and efforts of the current and previous student council, and I too would like to give back to my peers and enhance their YU experience.  I believe my unique skills and perspectives will certainly benefit the student body and continue the path of excellence.

  What experience do you bring to this position?   

I As the President of the Pre-Engineering Club, I contributed to organizing and coordinating several events.  Also, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I was very active in organizing clean-up and relief efforts for my shul.  These leadership experiences, along with my work experience last summer in a hedge fund and my weekly participation in the YU's basketball intramural, has taught me what it means to work in a professional and efficient manner as an individual as well as part of a team.   In addition, I have succeeded in these positions in executing and completing a wide variety of assignments and projects efficiently and on a time critical basis.

What, if any, other leadership commitments are you taking on next year?

None - I hope to dedicate my time exclusively to running SOY-JSC.

How many credits do you plan on taking next semester?      


At YU, I…

I live in a YU dorm, I live within five blocks of the YC campus, I eat at least half of my meals in the caf, I have not faced any disciplinary action from Yeshiva University, I do not have a criminal record nor have I been arrested I currently do not stay in twice a month, but of course if elected president of SOY JSC I will be in for Shabbat quite often.

Why should students vote for you over any other candidate?