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Meet the Candidates: Tuvia Bacharach

Name and major     

Tuvia Bacharach, Accounting

Desired position in Student Government  

Vice President of Sy Syms School of Business


Tuvia Bacharach grew up in Riverdale, NY and went to Yeshiva Univerity's very own high school, MTA. He then ventured off to Israel after high school and studied at Yeshivat Hakotel for one year. After a year of studying abroad, Tuvia went to Yeshiva University's Sy Syms School of Business, where he is currently majoring in Accounting. 

Why are you running for this position on student council?  

I am running for Vice President of Sy Syms School of Business because I believe I can change certain aspects of our business school's clubs. Specifically the way all the business club members interact with each other. I think if there are stronger links between the members, the clubs will thrive like never before.

What experience do you bring to this position?   

"I bring a lot of experience that makes me fit to be Vice President. I am currently the Vice President of the Accounting Society at Sy Syms School of Business. I am also an International Tax Intern at Colgate-Palmolive. These experiences give me the necessary qualifications to be the Vice President of a business school because I have extensive leadership experience, and have proven that I am able to lead the student body on the road to success.

What, if any, other leadership commitments are you taking on next year?            

International Tax Intern - Colgate-Palmolive       

How many credits do you plan on taking next semester?           


At YU I...

I live within five blocks of the YC campus, I eat at least half of my meals in the caf, I have not faced any disciplinary action from Yeshiva University, I do not have a criminal record nor have I been arrested

Why should students vote for you over any other candidate?

Students should vote for me because I will be a devoted student Vice President to ensure that our business school will have a thriving year of events. In addition, I will ensure that the students of Sy Syms will be ready to tackle the working world in their specific fields of expertise.