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Meet the Candidates: David Levy Dachoh

David Levy Dachoh, Finance

Desired position in Student Government:  

Sy Syms Vice President


I am from Miami Beach Florida, and went to high school at the RASG Hebrew Academy. Upon graduating, I went to Shaalvim for two years. I started a textbook buyback service on campus which generated over $1000 in sales within the fall semester alone. I am a hard working student with a positive outlook on life and I appreciate positive criticism in which I can better myself.            

Why are you running for this position on student council?       

If it is within my powers, I would like to introduce a financial modeling course for students in YU as I feel it's pertinent for students looking into the financial market. Additionally, I would like to provide a more cost efficient way for students to get their textbooks. In respect to events that are run by YU and the CDC, I would like to bring in more business professionals from Israel to facilitate a smoother transition for students who wish to make Aliyah. The goal being to inform students of the wide range of opportunities in Israel and provide students with a better grasp of how the Israeli market functions.

What experience do you bring to this position?   

I have interned at two different real estate companies in Miami, and I plan on joining the Finance club starting next fall semester. Additionally, I have gained confidence when speaking publicly from my experience in yeshiva, when giving over what I have learnt.

What, if any, other leadership commitments are you taking on next year?

I plan to continue running TextBookText, a textbook buyback service on the YU campus.               

How many credits do you plan on taking next semester?      


At YU, I...

I live in a YU dorm, I live within five blocks of the YC campus, I eat at least half of my meals in the caf, I stay in Washington Heights at least two shabbatot a month, I have not faced any disciplinary action from Yeshiva University, I do not have a criminal record nor have I been arrested

Why should students vote for you over any other candidate?