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Breaking News: Election Results

The Commentator, in collaboration with YU Canvassing Committee Chairman Tzvi Solomon, is pleased to announce the winners of this year's student government elections.


Yeshiva Student Union

YSU President- Menachem Goldstein
YSU Vice President- Michael Silverstein
YSU Secretary- Moshe Wasserman
YSU Treasurer- (TBA after eligibility verification)


Student Organization of Yeshiva

SOY/JSC President- Isaac Attia
SOY/JSC Vice President- Jacob Bernstein
SOY/JSC Secretary/Treasurer- David Drory


Yeshiva College Student Association

YCSA President- Adam Zimilover
YCSA Vice President- Noah Small
YCSA Secretary/Treasurer- Shai Berman


Sy Syms School of Business Student Association

SSSBSA President- Jesse Nathanson
SSSBSA Vice President- Jonathan Danesh
SSSBSA Secretary/Treasurer- Samuel Weinstein


Senior Class

Senior President- Brian Goodman
Senior Vice President- Max Sussman
Senior Secretary/Treasurer- (TBA after eligibility verification)


Junior Class

Junior President- Nathaniel Ribner
Junior Vice President- Benjamin Kohane
Junior Secretary/Treasurer- Natan Szegedi


Morning Programs

SBMP President- Tyler "Natan" Buchsbaum
IBC President- Max Gordon
JSS President- Not enough write-in votes


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