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Meet the Candidates: Elections 2013

Dear students,

Student elections will be held this Thursday, May 2.

Leading up to the election The Commentator, in conjunction with the Office of Student Life, sent out an optional form for official candidates to fill out. Learn about candidates and their positions by clicking on the links below.

Don't forget to vote!

Yeshiva College Student Association 

YCSA oversees more than thirty clubs, ranging from the Economics Club to the History Club, from the student publication Kol HaMevaser to the Student Holocaust Education Movement.  Furthermore, YCSA works closely with the Yeshiva Student Union, Student Organization of Yeshiva and Syms School of Business Student Council, creating, planning and implementing university-wide events for all students to enjoy.  Additionally, YCSA provides a voice for the students, working closely with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body.

Presidential Election:

Adam Zimilover

Vice Presidential Election:

Natan Bienstock

Secretary/Treasurer Election:

 Zachary Mostel

Shai Berman

Student Organization of Yeshiva University 

The Student Organization of Yeshiva and Jewish Studies Council, also known as SOY-JSC, focuses on fulfilling the religious needs of Yeshiva University's Wilf Campus Students.  SOY-JSC is determined to fulfill its mission to create a comfortable Jewish environment, filled with Torah learning and religious life on campus, as well as to serve the greater YU community and support Torah and religiously oriented activities.

Presidential Election:

Yoni Weitz

Josh Botwinick

Vice Presidential Election:

Jacob Bernstein

Secretary/Treasurer Elections:

Joseph (Yossi) Lipton

David Drory

 Yeshiva Student Union

The Yeshiva Student Union ("YSU") is the presiding body of student government, representing every student at Yeshiva University. The YSU board plans and implements school-wide events and promotes and enables club activities. . The YSU board, along with the Student Council, acts as a liaison to the university administration. The goal of YSU is to infuse the Yeshiva University experience with enthusiasm and excitement, creating a vibrant and fun environment for all students.

Presidential Election:

Menachem Goldstein

Adam Rosenberg

Vice Presidential Election:

Michael Silverstein

Secretary/Treasurer Election: 

Joshua Fitterman

Moshe Wasserman 

Sy Syms School of Business Student Council

The Sy Syms School of Business Student Council is dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of the Syms student body.  By implementing a wide range of academic and social activities, the council seeks to aid in the development of future business leaders as well as to provide students with the opportunity to network and develop professional relationships.

Presidential Election:

Jesse Nathanson

Vice Presidential Election: 

Tuvia Bacharach

David Levy Dachoh

Isaac Breuer College

Presidential Election:

Max Gordon



Senior Class 

Presidential Election:

Brian Goodman 

Vice President: 



Junior Class

Presidential Election:

Eli Lehman

Nathaniel Ribner 

Vice Presidential Election:

Ben Kohane

Aaron Miller

Secretary/Treasurer Elections:

Natan Szegedi


If you were approved to run for an election, but did not receive our questionare, please contact Tzvi Solomon.

For all other questions, please email The Commentator at