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University Currently Examining Academic Jewish Studies Program

On the heels of groundbreaking changes to its general curriculum, Yeshiva University is now reexamining the academic Jewish Studies course requirements for men in Yeshiva College and Sy Syms School of Business. The examination of Bible, Jewish History, Hebrew, and Talmud requirements is being carried out by a committee of 15 faculty members, including Roshei Yeshiva, members of the Office of the Provost, and other administrative and academic staff. Dean Eichler, Vice Provost Schiffman, and Dean Berger, among others, are among the significant names sitting on the committee. The committee’s existence sheds light on the content of a recent study carried out by the Yeshiva University Office of Institutional Research via email to the entire student body. Part of the study evaluated undergraduate students’ opinions towards their academic Jewish Studies courses.

Questions about the Jewish Studies requirements have been discussed by faculty and students for many years. Twice similar committees were initiated, but both were disbanded after little success. This year’s committee was gathered in light of the broad curriculum changes in order to re-envision how the Judaic Studies could be best integrated into the new curriculum and Yeshiva programs. Though a wide array are involved in this initiative, current students are not yet involved in the conversation. The Commentator will continue its investigation of this story, and will report to the public in coming issues.