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7 Up, 7 Down

7 Up

  1. New Light bulbs. Let there be light, library edition. The combination of the newly replaced light bulbs and the super comfortable black chairs optimizes the setting—to waste more time on Facebook.
  2. 12 Angry Men. The new YCDS wasn’t quite 12 Angry men. It was more like 6 angry men, 3 sweaty, 2 clear headed and 1 token Brooklynite. Super senior Tani Isaac made up for the other six, let’s just hope his voice doesn’t give out before the week is over.
  3. Chanukah. Edon, donuts, and sufganiot—in no particular hierarchy. Take that Greeks.
  4. Pool Reopens, as does the shvitz. Latin Sauna Club reunites.
  5. Black Friday. That’s right ladies, every YU guy will be decked out in shpitz attire. Too bad the SOY-TAC Shabbaton was a week before.
  6. Mayan Calendar Runs Out. Crazy people will finally go the way of the Mayans. Count down to Dec. 21, 2012 begins now.
  7. Guest Speakers. Alan Dershowitz, Jack Lew, and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks all visit YU, within three weeks. Now if only President Obama would reply to our emails.

7 Down

  1. The Whistling in Rubin Shul. Open the door of Rubin Shul and the sound disappears. Close it, and an eerie whistling sound pervades the room. The Shekhina?
  2. StandFour. The boy-band breakup of the century leads to another Chanukah parody. How original.
  3. Overly Sentimental FB Compliments. My newest Facebook friend gives out the most beautiful, incredible and amazing compliments to anyone and everyone.
  4. Fiscal Cliff. No one is quite sure what this is about, but with ski season starting up, it’s gonna be a season of gnarly air. Let’s hope it doesn’t cause an avalanche.
  5. Divorce. Mayim Bialik just files for divorce. Orthodoxy’s “it” girl is back on the market; YU Connects better get moving on that case. Mondays with Mindy just got more interesting.
  6. Presidential Decrees. Mohammed Moursi’s decree seems to fit with his bed time reading of “The Dictator’s Guide to Taking Over the Galaxy.”
  7. Excessive Pashkvilim. A good natured attempt to recreate the public service announcements in Meah Shearim runs amok as students put out angry tirades. Calm Down.