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7 Up, 7 Down

7 Up
  1. Obama. As the president of our university begins his second term, so does the president of our country; OMG! Twinsies!!But seriously, congratulations to the president for getting exactly the number of votes Nate Silver predicted he would
  2. Windows 8. Microsoft takes a page out of President Joel’s book, with a Windows “reimagination.” The colorful touchy-feely tiles look nothing like, well, Windows; Microsoft seems to invoke the word “reimagination” appropriately.
  3. Cross Country star Oliver Sax (YC ‘13), bested the field at Bard College to capture the 2012 individual title, with a time of 27:56 on the 8,000-meter. Dayum, that’s fast.
  4. CAPS LOCK. The almost-always-inappropriate type setting got a wonderfully enjoyable shout out from Dean Eichler over the course of Hurricane Sandy. You might not know it but, “IT’S A GREAT TIME TO CATCH UP ON ALL OF YOUR OUTSTANDING READINGS AND WORK – AS WELL AS YOUR SLEEP:)!  TRY TO USE THE FREE TIME WISELY!!”
  5. Hotel Strenger. When power, heat, and clean water failed the Beren Campus, YU graciously opened the former MTA dorm to women from downtown in need of shelter. There were so many Stern girls uptown that some YU students thought Yom Haatzmaut fell out early this year. At least one student was recorded as being confused as to why Gilad Shalit was here again.
  6. Heights. Some love them, some are terrified by them. But everyone living in Washington Heights is thankful that our heights saved us from the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. Though we recognize the terrible destruction wreaked elsewhere, we thank God that up here all Sandy meant was some rough wind and upside-down garbage cans on the corner.
  7. Volunteerism. If anything positive emerged from the devastation of Sandy it was a spirit of community, good will, and good old volunteerism from one New Yorker to another. With all the cynics out there, it was quite nice to seethe best in people come out in a time of need; YU students showed their true colors, forming the backbone of a shelter in Washington Heights, among other important volunteer efforts around the city.
7 Down
  1. Expensive Metrocards. Subway fares going up. The MTA needs to make more money, so new hikes on subway prices are in the works. What this means for you? Missing the shuttle after March 1, 2013 might cost you up to $2.50; for now - take the shuttle early and often.
  2. Freedom. A surprise two-week trial of nanny Bloomberg’s soda ban had us ordering two 16-ounce Sprites. And now it’s stopping us fro donating food to homeless people. What’s next?
  3. Hurricane Devastation. Hurricane Sandy’s powerful gusts and ocean surges left over 100 dead and caused more than $50 billion dollars damage including business losses. The subway system sat idle, seaside homes lay in ruins, and people of all backgrounds sought warmth, shelter, and food in the cold days after the storm. We pray that, with the support of the city and local communities, the storm’s many victims can move forward from this tragic time.
  4. Cockroaches. No need to rank on the nuclear-proof shkutz, but they shouldn’t be roaming the halls of our dorms. MIB please take care of these things, they’re gross.
  5. Cafe@Morg. It’s a nice spot, but the smell is rough for those not interested in pizza and the lack of non-dairy snacks makes searching for food in Morg a bit difficult.
  6. Rubin Scaffolding. This isn’t to say we’re not happy the scaffolding is coming down. It’s just to say—it’s down.
  7. Attacks on Israel. Israel now faces a very difficult time.  ith rockets falling in civilian areas, Israeli families are living in bomb shelters and army reserve units have been called up to prepare for more extensive military operations. We stand with our brothers across the sea and hope and pray for their safety.