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Chanukah Concert Preparations in Full Swing

A major event that unites all undergraduate students is the annual Chanukah Concert. The concert not only appeals to a wide range of YU students, but it also welcomes Jews from communities in New York and New Jersey. With the concert only a month away, the student councils: SCWSC, YSU, YCSA, TAC, SOY and SYMS Student Councils, are all working hard to ensure a fun and entertaining event. The Y-Studs will open this year’s concert, which features America’s Got Talent Finalist Edon Pinchot and Shalsheles.

Edon, who has been called the “Jewish Bieber,” was chosen to perform with Shalsheles because he appeals to a wide audience. Edon and Shalsheles will perform a song together, though which song they will duet has not yet been decided. Additionally, a conclusion has not yet been reached on whether Edon will sing only Jewish songs.

In recent years, the Chanukah concerts have not usually sold out, and tickets have been available during the week preceding the concert. This caused the student governments to lose money. For this year’s concert, however, the councils hope that all tickets will be sold. With the additional funds brought in by sponsorships, the student councils hope to make a profit on the event this year.

This year’s Chanukah concert brings new talent and excitement to YU. By having both Edon and Shalsheles, the concert should attract an eclectic audience. It will definitely be an event that students and families will not want to miss.