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Permit Issues Close Pool

“The Yeshiva University swimming pool is closed until further notice.  Please check back at the pool, as well as on, under ‘MSAC Schedule’ for updates to the pool hours.”  For students who use the pool, this small, 8½ x 11 sign, posted on the door of the pool, was the only notification students received about the pool closure.  As would be expected, students were frustrated by the pool’s closure. In addition to affecting recreational swim, swim team tryouts have been delayed until after the break for the chagim.  Although prospective swimmers understood that the pool was indefinitely closed, they were baffled as to the reason for the closure.

When asked by The Commentator staff, Joe Bednarsh, Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation, explained that the closure was due to a permit issue.  An official from the Department of Renewals (DOR) confirmed that the pool’s closure was solely due to the expiration of the pool’s license.  This official noted that although Yeshiva University did submit an application in the end of August, there were some problems with the paperwork, resulting in the permit not being renewed.

Students need not worry that the permit problem indicates any sort of sanitary issue.  Officials in the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH), who are responsible for inspecting pools in the city, noted that their office had no records of there being any hygiene or cleanliness issues with the pool.

Bednarsh believes that the issue will be resolved and the pool will be able to reopen by the end of the break, but said that this “depends on the NYC DOH.”