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Powerstick: The Ultimate Solution to a Common Point of Stress

Are you tired of running out of battery when you most need it? Has it dawned on you that there needs to be a better way of keeping your accessories charged than dragging along all your different chargers wherever you go? I assume we are in agreement that making sure before going on a trip that your full array of chargers is on board is nerve-racking. Avoiding it would significantly simplify our private and business travel.  Let me further raise the ante by asking if you would like to do away with having to search for a power outlet wherever you may be – particularly in airport departure lounges?

Hells yes! Believe it or not, I think that I may have found a solution that resolves all these issue.

Its code name is Powerstick. Do not get scared, it is nothing other than a simple USB storage drive with an unexpected perk to it. In addition to allowing you to store your documents like on any ordinary USB drive, it contains a re-chargeable power source which draws its electrical power from any computer’s USB socket and then the charged Powerstick can be used to charge other devices. The Powerstick’s energy level is easy to read thanks to its power gauge. It holds the charge for over two weeks and has the capability to provide a sufficient amount of power to keep devices such as a BlackBerry, an iPhone, and many other devices running for enough time to finish what you were in the middle of doing. (A single Powerstick session was able to half charge the battery of a BlackBerry).

Light, small, and easy to use, the USB Powerstick provides a great deal of service by combining two simple functionalities that we use on a daily basis. It is probably slightly larger than any other memory stick you’re carrying around in your pocket, perhaps making it easier to find in a messy briefcase.

With the increasing difficulty of finding electric outlets wherever you may need it coupled with the wide range of different devices used on a daily basis, the Powerstick finds itself in a unique position suddenly becoming invaluable. Although the Powerstick comes with connectors to the most common accessory devices, you should check that every one of your “little companions” is covered in the Powerstick connector kit. Aside from backing up your data, it backs up your ability to work, talk and enjoy. For many of us, this recharge backup capability is intuitively invaluable.

Powerstick drives are available with 2, 4, or 8 GB of memory and can be purchased at Whether you purchase it is entirely dependent on how much you value the services it provides. For any tech enthusiast or traveler carrying around many different types of devices, this is definitely the solution. Although more expensive than an ordinary USB drive, I can say with conviction  that a Powerstick provides a service which makes life on the go a little less complicated and frustrating. At this point in time, Powerstick is the only manufacturer of such products. As with any new technology, the prices are high in the beginning, but will quickly likely quickly fall. As more and more daily used devices run on batteries, the services a Powerstick provides will become more indispensable.