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YU-Censored Wireless

The Commentator has received information from reliable sources that there are discussions taking place in the upper echelons of Yeshiva University about censoring YUWireless. Although the details are still fuzzy, a general story is emerging in which our IT Department will implement a system that will block websites deemed indecent. Rumors have circulated that the IT Department will be using a well-reputed system also utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Conversely, it has been speculated that a lower-quality system may be used, which would presumably block plenty of decent websites along with the indecent.

An additional point that still requires clarification is who will be deciding which websites or content are deemed “indecent.” The Commentator has confirmed that attempts have been made by the administration in previous years to censor internet access in the dormitories, but we have also confirmed that the present talks are more serious, and that student leaders on campus have been briefed about the situation. As of now, we have only confirmed that these discussions are taking place on the Wilf Campus. Students are bound to have divergent opinions, ranging from relief at the actions taken by our administration to protect the sanctity of the campus to outrage at the gall of those who would censor the free flow of information. The Commentator welcomes your comments, and eagerly awaits official announcements of university plans.