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7 Up/Down


1. Modern Family. If you didn’t already notice this hilarious sitcom, maybe 5 Emmys will catch your fancy.
2. Government debt. No, the accumulating US government debt is not a good thing.  But the amount of debt is getting up there.  And still climbing.
3. Lion King 3D. If you didn’t have a childhood, Disney’s given you a second chance.  And it’s pretty realistic too—three whole dimensions!
4. Apple. Jobs leaves a legacy of sleek, crush-worthy machines with beautiful typography. The Commentator converted. Have you?
5. Internet. Founder of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly estimates that the Internet contains over one trillion pages.  And counting.
6. Beanbag chairs. They still exist and still destroy any couch’s chance at making you
7. Boat shoes, tight pants, and plastic frames. Dressing hipster is totally in.  Feel free to raid your father’s closet.


1. Real Housewives. Guess they’re not all really “wives” anymore.  Seems Michaele’s hubby is filing for divorce.
2. When people print textbooks on the Library’s printers. You can either get to class on time without your readings, or wait for your next-in-line print job until the end of the semester.
3. New Café setup. The new line system couldn’t possibly be worse.  Oh wait, it could—if there were only one line.
4. Netflix. Oh how the mighty have fallen.  The go-to movie provider has lost its contract with Starz, so don’t be surprised when you can’t stream Clueless anymore.
5. Restaurants and Caf Cards. Apparently their wedding will have to wait.  Golan and Como have stopped allowing payment with café cards until further notice.
6. Religious coercion. Don’t you hate feeling guilty about what you’ve done just because it’s Elul?
7. Internet filters at YU. Sorry, fifth-floor Hasidim.