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7 Up, 7 Down

7 Up


1. Unthink. The anti-Facebook social networking site quickly reaches 100,000 users. Just 899,900,000 more and they’ll be competing with Zuck.


2. VEVO. YouTube’s competitor is gaining popularity, starting to live-stream international concert festivals. Looks like ESL students may be seeing their families a bit more often.


3. Instagram. With only four employees, the new iPhone camera app has gained 4.25 million users. That’s only like 1.0625 million users per employee. Okay fine, that is pretty impressive.


4. Apple executives. Apple just awarded them one million shares of stock. Mr. Jobs had no comment on the matter.


5. Damian McGinty. The Glee Project’s winner debuted in last week’s episode. And don’t worry, YU Gleeks: no filter will ruin this guilty pleasure.


6. Puss in Boots. The new kids’ movie ranked number one at the box office this week. And no, it is not the winter sequel to an adult film.Sorry, fifth-floor Hasidim.


7. Jameson. The popular whisky company has joined forces with Lady Gaga to produce a new cocktail. It’s like a Shirley Temple, but with a little gaga (alcohol).



7 Down


1. Greek debt. Even after months of negotiations, Greece’s debt continues to climb. Somebody should tell them they don’t have to eat at Olive Garden every night.


2. Kim Kardashian. Although her wedding was promising, the notable A-list celeb is breaking the knot with her most recent hubby. Look out for a certain Sephardic maidel popping up on your YUConnects account. (Modern Orthodox Liberal.)


3. The UN. The International Atomic Energy Agency claims to have evidence that Iran has done things “relevant to the development of a nuclear device.” Mazal tov on that irrelevant revelation.


4. Justin Bieber.  The little twerp has been accused of fathering some woman’s child. And he was like “baby, baby, baby…no.”


5. Sprint.  The shaky cellular company has decided to take a bet on Apple and invest billions in the rights to the iPhone 4S. Trying to diversify their portfolio, are they.


6. LinkedIn. To nearly no one’s surprise, this company’s stock has finally begun to plummet. Does that mean you’ll stop getting those annoying emails? We don’t know. P.s. Add me.


7. Passing of Andy Rooney. The funny, quirky and truly great journalist on 60 Minutes died on November 4 at age 92. He will certainly be missed.