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7 Up/Down


1. Spotify music player. The new, free online music player that is awesome. Be one of the first in the U.S. to check it out!

2. Andy Samberg. Guess what he just did: scored a major New York Times Magzine article and photo-shoot. What a yid.

3. The new Morg Lounge. Have you seen the hardwood floors on that guy?!

4. The 185th-Street plaza-in-progress. The colors, tables, chairs, and traffic-less passage from Glueck to Furst truly transform our campus. We love it, and cannot wait to see what it looks like in a few months.

5. Slurpees in the Caf. Seriously? Wow! Really gives off-campus housing a run for its money.

6. Elul. A time to reflect.

7. Not having class on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Do what you can to make this happen for yourself.


1. Steve Jobs’s resignation. The end of an era?

2. The new YU website. We can quibble about whether the aesthetic has improved but, more importantly, functionality is currently dead.

3. Irene. Wreaked significant damage and tragic deaths. And if that wasn’t enough, the highly-acclaimed stormy thing disappointed most New Yorkers.

4. Gadaffi. Lost his capital to machine-gun-wielding rebels and fled for the hills.

5. When one of your big orange moving bins is filled with rainwater. These incredible conveniences can grow quite counter-productive.

6. Kitchen garbage cans without lids. Don’t use lid-less garbage cans in the kitchen! The smell will be bad.

7. The library’s arbitrary and inconsistent closing times over the summer. Interrupted timed tests and forced removal from favorite study spots leave quite the sour taste.