By: Hindishe Lee  | 

Letter to the Editor: Observant Lieberman (Vol. 66, Issue 2)

Dear Editor, 

Democrat, Republican or any other political party — we must eliminate political deceit against a people’s religion. 

At the dawn of Israel’s history, Avraham Avinu commanded his servant, “ do not take a wife for my son from the … Canaanites.” Yitzchak and Rivkah grieved Esav’s choice of wives - Canaanites. Centuries later, Ezra the Scribe lamented the prevalence of intermarriage in Eretz Yisrael: “And when I heard of this matter, I rent my garments … and sat astonished.” He exhorted the people, “Your daughters do not give to their sons, and their daughters do not take for your sons…” 

Today, we have Joe Lieberman, touting his “orthodoxy”, declaring on radio: “Judaism has no ban on intermarriage”! What a blatant chilul Hashem, a denial of Jewish principle, spanning Orthodox, Conservative — even Reform circles. 

As a responsible organ of Jewish media, you have an obligation - not only to protest - but to galvanize Klal Yisrael. This transcends politics; it lies at the core of yiddishkeut. We must publicly denounce this chilul Hashem, thus performing a kiddush Hashem. 

Hindishe Lee 

SCW ‘79

TIW ‘82