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Teachings of The Rav: Something for Us to Remember (Vol. 58, Issue 12)

Hearing the hespedim at Sunday's azkara, we, the generation which unfortunately did not have the privilege to study with the Rav, but only knew him through his writings, could only dream wistfully about what we missed. Fortunately, the Yeshiva is providing the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Rav through the eyes and words of his talmidim, our Roshei Yeshiva. The Yeshiva has organized three weeks of shiurim (which began Monday with Rav Herschel Schechter) that start nightly at 9:15 pm in the Main Beit Midrash. Both men and women are invited to attend, and we strongly urge everyone to sieze this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Torah and the stories will be memories which we will be able to cherish.