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Faces in the Crowd: A Sampling of Views From Around Our Campus (Vol. 58, Issue 3)

Irwin Raskin, Proprietor, Yum Yum Deli- I think that the biggest issue of this election is the tax incentives for small businesses.

Shirley R. Auslander, Secretary, IBC/JSS - I don't like Bush's view on Israel, but I'm sure I don't want Clinton either. I guess I'll chose from the lesser of two evils ... or maybe I'll write in Dr. Shrnidman.

Sam. Maryles, Junior, Chicago, IL - The most important issue of the upcoming election will be the tradeoff between Bush's being able to outline a potentially successful economic plan versus Clinton's ability to prove to everyone that he can lead our nation.

Chaim Rose, Junior, Los Angeles, CA - I think that any Jewish person who votes for George Bush is a stain upon our community. First of all, look where he has put this country: Our foreign policy has been a disaster and our economy is a disaster. Right now, he is trying to buy back our votes with our tax money ... As my teacher Dr. Marrin said, " ... it is an embarrassment to be an American with George Bush in the White House." Clinton might not even be so much better, but...Bush is a disaster, and we need someone to pull this country out of the rut that it is in. As far as Judaism is concerned, Bush has harassed and put his foot down on Israel like no president in recent times has. We cannot stand [for) that anymore. Jewish people have to take a stand. We need someone in the White House [who is] more capable and more favorable to the Jews.

Davey Weissman, Senior, Lawrence, NY - With all the different issues that are being discussed by the candidates, I think the most important issue is which of the two candidates will have the leadership potential to put all of these things into action .... Between the economy, family values, international policy, and Israel, I think the most important thing is which candidate has the most potential to be a leader. 

Uri Cohen, Semicha, West Hempstead, NY -There is no question in my mind that the only person whom I can vote for this fall is Bill Clinton. Not so much that l want Bill Clinton, but that I believe that voting for Bush would be a disaster for America .... He not only messed up the economy, but lied about what he was going to do about it, and I do not see any reason to give him a second chance. Secondly, it [Bush] would be a disaster for Israel. We already know what he thinks of Israel. It would be one thing if he continued American policy about not giving loan guarantees until Israel gave in (which when they finally gave in he was forced to give), ... but last fall when AIPAC, including some students from YU, went to lobby, he acted as if he were the persecuted one and they were ... professional gangsters instead of people trying to help Israel. It seems pretty clear that Israel is so low on his priority list that there is no way we should expect anything positive from him regarding Israel... As Jews, we have to vote for what is good for Israel first and America second, and in this particular election, they both happen to be the same.