By: Joshua Annenberg  | 

Students For Haig (Vol. 53, Issue 3)

In approximately one year, Americans will be voting for the forty-first President of the United States of America. Today's students, tomorrow’s presidential contenders, can make a significant impact on their own future by participating in campaign politics. Constitutional issues such as separation of church and state, abortion, and civil rights; international relations in the areas of arms control, aid to the Contras, and peace in the Middle East; and domestic policies dealing with trade, welfare reform, and a balanced budget, all lie in the hands of our next president. It is time for students to organize and publicly support presidential candidates. Students For Haig invites interested students to join together and support Alexander Haig for President of the United States.

Alexander Haig declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination on March 24, 1987. A four-star general in the United States Army and a former supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, Haig has served under a total of seven American presidents. General Haig’s most prominent government positions range from being President Johnson's Deputy Secretary of Defense, Henry Kissinger’s Deputy National Security Advisor, White House Chief of Staff under President Nixon, and finally President Reagan’s Secretary of State. In 1982, Haig resigned from the Reagan administration, protesting the diplomatic pressure President Reagan applied to Israel during her siege of the PLO in West Beirut.

A sampling of Haig’s position Papers reveals that he opposes constitutional amendments relating to abortion, is committed to a gradual reduction of the federal deficit by cutting costs by approximately $20 billion annually until at least 1995, favors aid to the Contras but stresses this cannot be a substitute for a comprehensive policy, seeks welfare reform that encourages dependents’ rapid integration into the work force, supports SDI research, and maintains the freedom of Soviet Jewry “must be linked to any negotiations with Russia.”

Alexander Haig’s practical experience in international affairs, his competence in government, and background in economics duly qualify him to be our next President. Students interested in joining Students For Haig can contact Joshua Annenberg or Jeff Mendelson in M313, Freddy Zemel in R725, or Dov Bluth in M203.