By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Outcry (Vol. 47, Issue 1)

During the month of October, the Reagan administration will formally notify Congress of its proposal to supply Saudi Arabia with advanced armaments. The deal is to include five Advance Warning and Airborne Control Systems (AWACS), 1,777 AIM-9L missiles, 101 sets of long range fuel tanks for the F-15, six KC-707 tankers and 22 units for a ground radar system. In order to block the sale, resolutions of disapproval must be passed in both houses of Congress. Needless to say, the Jewish community is deeply concerned about the proposed sale as it will greatly endanger Israel.

Students in Yeshiva University have taken direct action to help block this sale. Four thousand letters have been sent to Rabbis across the country with formats of telegrams to be sent to the local congressional representative, Rabbis and community leaders are being urged to discuss the arms sale with their congregations over the holidays. And today Yeshiva students spearheaded a mass mobilization Anti-AWACS lobbying trip to Washington, D.C. We urge the students to continue pressing the Reagan Administration on this crucial issue.