By: Ya'akov Beilin  | 

Action Taken to Halt Sale

SEPT. 18 — An emergency meeting was called tonight, regarding the proposed sale of the A.W.A.C.S. by President Reagan to Saudia Arabia. The meeting was called by Rabbi ‘Avi Weiss, in conjunction with Y.C.S.C.

Rabbi Weiss, with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is initiating three programs to attract the vote of non-aligned Senators.

One Million Telegrams

First, “the one Million Campaign” whose goal is to send one million telegrams to Senators and Congressmen. The telegrams will state strong opposition to the sale. Rabbi Weiss is urging synagogues across the country to utilize the annual Rosh Hashana cards for a means to receive permission from congregants to send telegrams in their names.

Anti-AWAC Day

Second, a plan to set aside Oct, 4 as an Anti-AWAC Day. On this day rallies will be organized across the country opposing the sale of the A.W.A.C.

Third, a plan to set aside Oct, 5 as national Anti-A.W.A.C, lobbying day. People from all over the country will travel to Washington, D.C. to levy pressure on their respective Senators,

Active Role

The Yeshiva University community is expected to take an active role in halting the sale. The student body will be split up based upon their geographic locations. The different groups will elect a chairman who will be aided by a politically astute student. The task of these groups is to contact their local Rabbis and appraise them of the situation. At present, four thousand letters have been sent to prominent Rabbis explaining how these Rabbis can take an active role in the struggle.

In a follow up meeting on Sept. 21, a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Leslie Levi, spoke to further explain the situation and to point out the key uncommitted Senators on the issue. She urged strong unity and stated that the struggle can be won.