By: Larry Domnitch  | 

Letter to the Editor: Valiant (Vol. 46, Issue 3)

To the Editor: 

I would like to openly express my gratitude to my fellow Yeshiva students who oppose Jimmy Carter’s campaign for reelection. While most of the Jewish establishment was either blindly supporting the President or too cowardly and apathetic to confront him and take a strong stand against him, it was the small handful of Yeshiva students whose a’havat yisroel and mesirat nefesh compelled them to spearhead the Jewish anti-Carter movement in New York. The success in NY of those students once again attests to the fact that it is the small minority that determines the difference, while the silent majority remains dormant and acceptant of their fate. When all is said and done, let it be known that it was these students of Yeshiva University who, by means of protests and other appropriate actions, exposed to all the danger which Carter poses, thus settling the skepticism of so many Jewish voters in NY who had considered voting. for Carter. Kol ha’kavod to all those who got involved and special thanks to Rabbi Hershel Reichman and to Rabbi Avi Weiss for their strong leadership in the struggle.

Larry Domnitch

YC ‘82