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Behind Dorm Doors (Vol. 46, Issue 2)

As we all know the presidential election is next week, November 4th. For an interesting look into the opinions of some YC students, we take you… BEHIND DORM DOORS… 

What do you feel about the choices in the presidential campaign and what is your preference?

Shalom Lamm — EMC — Senior: The choice is between a proven disaster and a potential catastrophe and I vote catastrophe.

Mark Adelson — JSS — Junior: There have to be more qualified people than these candidates. Something is wrong with the system if this is the only choice we're provided with. But I am leaning toward Reagan as the lesser of two evils.

Kyle Flick — ISS — Senior: The choices are limited and I feel Reagan is much more qualified than Carter. I chose Reagan on the basis of his policy toward Israel and his economic philosophy.

Harry Sacks — EMC — Junior: Even though I’ve voted Democratic in the past I feel the Republicans are offering our best bet.

Danny Zanger — EMC — Freshman: The choice of candidates is very poor, but the clear-cut choice for me is Ronald Reagan since he represents a sound economic and foreign policy.

Chaim Seidman — MYP — Sophomore: The choice is between a peanut farmer and an actor, I’ll take a movie over a crummy jar of peanut butter anytime.