By: Marty Kerzer  | 

Letter to the Editor: The Real Majority (Vol. 39, Issue 9)

To the Editor: 

I feel compelled to comment with respect to Mr. Goldstein’s article “Divided We Fall.” He speaks of the black beaten to death by white teenagers. Does he imply that blacks do not beat to death whites? Has he ever attempted to visit a black ghetto area or did he forget the Jewish

lad who was killed by blacks merely because he wore a yarmulka? Does any white or Jewish merchant feel reasonably safe in a black area? Mr. Goldstein failed to consider this aspect in his accusation of racism. Dual standards are consistently applied when racism is involved.

The incident that occurred in Canarsie is not racism, but predominantly fear. When children, regardless of color, from disadvantaged areas are bused to a middle class school, academic standards are lowered. Does this represent that expression of such fears by parents as racist by nature?

The right wing, and Wallace-ite votes were fearfully and astonishingly high due to domestic and social upheaval that have invaded this nation. President Nixon has inherited these abominable conditions and he is attempting to reverse this trend by passing legislation to strengthen our nation by uprooting lawlessness and aiding those truly in need. Mr. Goldstein gave no reasons for his condemnation of President Nixon; he merely stated a biased account of the conditions that prevail in the country. Forty-nine of the fifty states expressed their confidence in President Nixon. This large majority of Americans could not be classified as racists or as perpetuating our downfall.

Marty Kerzer, ‘73