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YC Students Favor McCarthy for Pres. (Vol. 33, Issue 12)

Sen. McCarthy is the overwhelming choice of Yeshiva students, revealed a national poll. Yeshiva College was one of over 1,300 colleges and universities in the U.S., representing almost five million students to participate in the First National Collegiate Presidential Primary, April 24. Along with two referenda questions on the Vietnamese war and one on the urban crisis, the ballot included thirteen candidates ranging on the political spectrum from far left to far right. The results of the national poll will be announced shortly. 

The program, entitled “Choice 68,” is under the leadership of twelve student leaders across the country. All costs are being underwritten by Time magazine. It is generally agreed that an excess of two million students will have to vote in order to give the primary viability. James Reston recently wrote, “The politically conscious university students are a potentially powerful political force in this country. Their intelligence and energy could be critical and in many places even decisive” 

The “Choice 68” ballot included party preference, the candidate, and three questions: What course of military action should the U.S. pursue in Vietnam? What course of action should the U.S. pursue in regard to the bombing of North Vietnam? In confronting the ‘urban crisis’ what should receive highest priority in government spending? 

McCarthy Romps 

In accordance with what was expected ta be a national student trend, Sen. Eugene McCarthy received the largest number of votes, with, over one third of the ballots cast going to him, the first Democrat to effectively oppose Pres. Johnson. Following Sen. McCarthy in total votes: were Hubert Humphrey, Nelson Rockefeller, Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy. Richard Nixon and John Lindsay were far behind in the balloting, as were George Wallace, Ronald Reagan and Pat Paulsen. 

The final results, as unofficially tabulated by student officials, were:

Sen. Eugene McCarthy - 251

Vice. Pres. Humphrey - 159

Gov. Nelson Rockefeller - 102

Pres. Lyndon Johnson - 84

Sen. Robert Kennedy - 61

Richard Nixon - 14

Mayor John Lindsay - 12

Gov. Ronald Reagan - 5

Pat Paulsen - 3

George Wallace - 2

A number of other candidates and non-candidates received one vote apiece.