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Speech Emphasizes Seven Hidden Facts; Final Outcome Must Stop Missionaries (Vol. 29, Issue 5)

The following summary of the missionary situation was presented by Rabbi Soloveitchik:

  1. Official statements issued by the Government place the number of children in missionary schools at 1200. However, Hatzofeh reported the number as 3000. 
  2. The missionaries are dedicated people. 
  3. With the approval of Rome, the missionaries encourage children to participate as Jews in their communities, even though they accept Christianity. 
  4. Some intellectuals in Israel are seriously debating whether or not to join the Ecclesia. 
  5. The demonstrations of P’eylim were not organized or aided by the Neturei Karta
  6. A law in some form is indispensable. Such a law would not be in conflict with freedom of religion. 
  7. Such a law would reassert our determination to live as a Masoretic community.