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Kennedy Extends Congratulations On Occasion Of Diamond Jubilee (Vol. 27, Issue 1)

President John F. Kennedy extended congratulations to Yeshiva University on the occasion of its seventy-fifth anniversary as he accepted honorary chairmanship of the University Diamond Jubilee observance.

“With the past seventy-five years as a foundation, the next seventy-five can only be an era of outstanding achievement for the University and for the nation,” President Kennedy said. “The idea of a Yeshiva University City, is appealing, and I wish you every success,” he stated, referring to Yeshiva’s “Blueprint for the Sixties.” 

Serving with Mr. Kennedy as honorary co-chairman are such celebrities as Governors David L. Lawrence, and Nelson Rockefeller, Senators Clifford Case, Joseph S. Clark, Paul Douglas, Jacob Javits, Estes Kefauver and Wayne Morse, Justices Earl Warren and William O. Douglas, and the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Abraham Harman.

Mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr. presented the New York proclamation on behalf of the seventy-fifth anniversary to President Belkin September 21. 

The Diamond Jubilee, which will be a year-long program, salutes a significant past and is the work of more than a year of planning by a University committee. With a central theme, “Pride in the past, faith in the future,” the celebration will sponsor many special events including symposiums, conferences, convocations, and assemblies. The jubilee will have three primary objectives:

1. To create a greater appreciation of the contributions of the immigrants to the nation and to higher education.

2. To dramatize those services which higher education renders to the nation and its citizens. 

3. To review the University’s past accomplishments, utilizing them as a springboard for future activity.