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Commentator Poll Puts Adlai Ahead (Vol. 25, Issue 8)

July's Democratic Nominating Convention would be transformed into a virtual madhouse if it were up to Yeshiva College students to decide the outcome.

Indications of this were revealed by The Commentator’s preferential poll in which Adlai E. Stevenson received 122 votes compared to Sen. John Kennedy's 120. Despite the dissension as to the nominee, both camps agreed that their choice would defeat Richard Nixon in November's elections.

Sen. Hubert Humphrey placed third in the balloting, attracting 48 votes. His backers were evenly split as to his chances for success against the Vice President. 

Sen. Stuart Symington received the support of 17 Yeshiva College students while Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson garnered a mere 6 votes. Curiously enough, all of those voting for Symington believed he would defeat Mr. Nixon. 

The remaining votes were distributed among Governor Robert Meyner (3 votes) and Pat Brown, Chester Bowles and ex-President Harry Truman, each with two supporters.

The poll, held February 23rd and 24th, attracted 400 voters, 20% of whom felt unqualified or too undecided to select their favorite nominee.