By: Jay Kitanik  | 

Middle States Visit Carefully Covered By Y.U. Evaluator (Vol. 24, Issue 4)

The most frequently discussed topic these days is, of course, Middle States. They came, they saw, and they . . . well, we'll see soon enough. However, being inquisitive by nature, I took it upon myself to spy on the gentlemen from Middle States in order to find out in which direction the evaluation winds blew. I offer, therefore, a comprehensive report — comprehensive to me, at least of their impressions, now ineradicably imprinted on their hearts and minds, of our glorious institution.

An interesting aspect which, it would appear, has nothing to do with M.S.A., was food. The association’s representatives were literally stuffed with the stuff. A little investigation showed that a high official had ordered this. “The best way to a man’s ratings is through his stomach,” he said.

Interesting Lecture

As part of the evaluation process, a visit to Rabbi Soloveitchik’s shiur was deemed necessary. Some sources would have you believe that our esteemed visitors did not understand the lecture. This is completely false. I myself heard one say, The lecture was extremely interesting but what does culpability mean?”

Another one, I’m told, asked, “Who is this fellow Chaim that he keeps mentioning?”

One of the more interesting activities was the meeting with some outstanding students of the college. It was brought out that the average Y.C. boy’s day consists of 30 hours, and that his social life is limited to an occasional Melavah Malkeh. 

The Land of Nod

Among the topics that were discussed at this meeting was the problem of sleep. The Middle States man was pleased to see all heads nod in agreement as he expounded on this subject. This pleasure, however, was short-lived; he noticed that they continued nodding even after he’d finished speaking.