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Address by Rabbi Soloveitchik, TI Rally Mark Crisis Interest (Vol. 22, Issue 3)

An address by Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveichik highlighted a week of spontaneous reaction to the crisis in the Middle East as Yeshiva University’s faculty and students joined world Jewry in serious concern about the crisis.

The Teachers Institute caused the crystallization of school-wide reaction by vehemently protesting against the United States’ stand on Israel's occupation of the Sinai Peninsula, at a rally, Tuesday, October 30. Radios blared throughout the University’s main building and many students flocked to the emergency sessions of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly.

Mishmar Speech

Speaking at a special mishmar in the Bet Hamedrash, Wednesday evening, October 31, Rabbi Soloveichik, rosh yeshiva in R.I.E.T.S., stressed the “one-destiny” of the Jewish people. When an Amalek arises in any generation set upon erasing the name of Israel forever, he declared, it is the sorrow and concern of each and every Jew throughout the world.

“While praying, one must not entertain hopes for political changes but must direct his prayer purely to G-d, for only through Him will the redemption of the Jewish people come about. Jews in every generation have placed their hopes in false trusts, Those in whom they have trusted the most have aided them the least,” declared Rabbi Soloveichik.

Arranged by the S.O.Y., the mishmar brought the student body together for study and prayer. Preceding Rabbi Soloveichik’s remarks was the recitation of Psalms in unison.

Prayer Comes First

At the T. I. rally, Dr. Hyman B. Grinstein, registrar, declared that “although our hearts are with our brothers in Israel, we must do our part here in the United States. First and foremost, as Jews we turn in prayer to G-d, recalling the covenant made with our forefathers. Secondly, we must give as much as we possibly can for the purchase of arms. Through these two media, we can fulfill the obligations we feel to our people and to our homeland.” Professor Grinstein then announced his donation of $100 to the UJA.

Rabbi Romm, T.I.’s Talmud examiner, also addressed the rally, and stressed again Dr. Grinstein's appeal for money and prayer. “Let us grasp the Torah with our own might in a time so crucial as this,” he declared.

During the following two days, the students of T. I. raised $350 for the UJA.

Two of the eight T. I. students on scholarships in Israel have left the country and are now awaiting transportation to the United States from Italy. Although the Jewish Agency has asked all students to leave Israel, no decision has been reached by the remaining six.