By: Rabbi Jeruchem Gorelik  | 

Letter to the Editor (Vol. 20, Issue 7)

To the Editor:

In the article published about me, some of my answers to the questions put to me were abridged. I should like to clear up one specific item.

I feel that Rabbi Soloveichik, who is known as the “proponent of logical halacha,” came out strongly on the matter of mechitza which is not specifically mentioned in the laws of the synagogue in the Shulchan Aruch. I stated that this matter, however, is an important section of the unwritten Fifth Shulchan Aruch and thus becomes basic also to the other four. 

Being a great scholar, Rabbi Soloveichik finds the matter of mechitza basic to the written Shulchan Aruch and even to the Torah itself. His stand is certainly justified and correct and, as always, true halacha.

Sincerely yours,

(signed) Rabbi Jeruchem Gorelik