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Stevenson to Receive Honorary Degree at Special Convocation (Vol. 19, Issue 4)

Yeshiva University will bestow the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws on Adlai E. Stevenson, Sunday, December 13, at a special convocation to be held at the Waldorf-Astoria, before a limited audience. Mr. Stevenson will be presented for the degree by Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein, professor of Homiletics and Sociology, and will be cited by Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of the University. 

Following the convocation, ex-Governor Stevenson will be the guest of honor at a dinner in the hotel’s grand ballroom, which marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of Yeshiva College. 

Chas. Silver, Chairman 

Charles H. Silver, a trustee of the University and a member of New York City’s Board of Education has been named Chairman of the dinner. Mr. Silver is also President of the Beth Israel Hospital, Vice President of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation and an active member in many other organizations. 

Mr. Stevenson, who is well-known as Governor of Illinois from 1948-52, and as Democratic candidate for president in 1952, is an alumnus of Princeton University. He holds honorary degrees from many prominent institutions including Princeton, Weslyean, Northeastern and Bradley Universities. The ex-Governor’s address at the dinner will be broadcast over radio station WMCA from 9:30-10:00 p.m. 

Ex-Governor Stevenson joins a group of eight others, prominent in government affairs, who received the Doctor of Laws degree from Yeshiva. They are: Bernard Baruch, Dr. James Conant, Governor Thomas E. Dewey, Justice Learned Hand, Attorney General Nathaniel L. Goldstein, former U.S. Ambassador James G. MacDonald, and the late Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone.

25th Year

Dr. Belkin reported that the dinner will start a year of academic and public celebration to signify twenty-five years of outstanding service by the College.