By: Sol Poupko  | 

Letter to the Editor (Vol. 14, Issue 1)

Dear Editor:

To deceive others is stylish, hence the magician or diplomat; self deception, however, is ignominious and foolish.

Ilse Koch, murderess who slaughtered hundreds of thousands, shall be free in four years. In the eyes of the law and “justice” she shall be the equal of any person, doctor, rabbi, nurse or teacher. Roosevelt was mourned by heartbroken lovers of Freedom, while he, (in H. Hopkins private papers) refused to save even one Jew from the hands of the Nazis when given the opportunity to do so. 

Why deceive ourselves? Let’s face the facts.

We are pitiful fools!

Justice? Righteousness? Freedom?

Is it justice that hundreds of tortured Jews be left in Europe at the scene of their enslavement while hundreds of thousands of tons of food and coal are flown in daily by our “conquering” army to the “poor, starving, little Nazi murderers?”

Is it right that a parasitic island called England should spread its ugly tentacles over one-quarter of the earth, spreading hatred and death with its brazen hypocrisy?

Is it Freedom that we, the United States, one of the greatest and most powerful of all countries, should cringe in fear before and crawl canine-like after the policies of the master deceivers and gilded murderers? 

Now that we have the approximate moral and political temperature of our society, let us proceed to the “problem” of choosing a fit leader for a state of this nature.

The solution to me seems painfully clear. If we wish to continue in the aforementioned manner, let’s elect Truman. He has already qualified himself ‘to be a brazen Mar and anti-Semite, vis his present policy towards Israel, as well as his deceptive tactics of crying hysterically Communist at Henry Wallace, whose sincerity is, at least, not less than Truman’s.

If we would have a change we might be signing the death warrant of all that is dear to a freedom loving people.

This is becauce of the unpredictability of the nature of all candidates.

Hence, voting this year is, in my opinion, one of the gravest responsibilities — too grave to be

trifled with. It is for this reason that I urge absence from the polls this year. Let us not interfere with a matter beyond our control.


Sol Poupko.