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Temporary Yeshiva Board Formed (Vol. 6, Issue 9)

Rabbi Dr. Samuel Belkin was appointed chairman by the Board of Directors of a temporary committee of three Roshe Yeshiva, to administer the Talmud departments, it was revealed early this week. Rabbis Samuel Alshevsky and Aaron D. Burack, are the other members of the committee.

Dr. Belkin is a member of the Executive Faculty Committee of the College and secretary of the Graduate School, as well as professor in Greek at the College.

The appointment of this temporary committee to deal with general administrative problems of the Yeshiva proper is regarded as an indication of a desire on the part of the directors to organize immediate conditions in order that the matter of a president to replace the late Dr. Revel be given fuller consideration.

As a phase of its activities, the committee has been granted the power of recommending appointments to the directors. It will, however, concern itself, principally with the dispatch of questions of curriculum, it was disclosed.

Room 2-11, of the main building will serve as the office of the administrative board, which assumed its duties Monday,

In a special statement to the Commentator Dr. Belkin expressed confidence that all matters would be treated with utmost benefit for all involved, with all opinions being given just and due consideration. “The immediate objective of the committee,” he said, “is to restore unity within the Yeshiva and to reinstitute order and procedure.”