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Feuerstein Urges Student Unity to Meet Impending Crisis (Vol. 6, Issue 9)

Rumblings reminiscent to old timers of crises ahead were heard in a call to action issued by Moses I. Feuerstein ’36, president of the Alumni Association, in an address delivered last Sunday evening. The occasion was the social following the Alumni-Varsity basketball game, attended by over five hundred persons.

Declaring that a catastrophe inevitably clears the way for even greater potentialities, Feuerstein envisioned the future of Yeshiva as being more promising than ever before. He warned, however, that grave dangers blocked the path which united student and alumni action must overcome.

“Yeshiva will stand or fall”, he emphasized, “on the type of leadership rendered by the men who are put into key positions.” The need for key men, Feuerstein noted, was very great, but even greater is the danger of precipitous choices.

That many factors pointed to the rapid development of a crisis seemed clear to Feuerstein. “Nor would this be an ordinary one,” he asserted. “It would affect the very goal of Yeshiva as never before.”

A united students body, responsible and aggressive student leadership, and the courage to take a stand where others trembled to decide were anticipated by the pioneer editor of Commentator. ‘‘The Yeshiva student organization has shouldered responsibility in past crises and will do so again,” he declared.

Inviting the student body and guests present to the Alumni Charter Day Celebration on Sunday,

March 30, Feuerstein announced plans for a journal through which $2500 would be raised. The publication is to he called the Dr. Revel Memorial Charter Day Journal, it was further disclosed.