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Ruling Board Formed (Vol. 6, Issue 7)

A special committee of the Board of Directors to deal with problems resulting from the demise of President Revel was announced recently by Mr. Samuel Levy, chairman of the Board, who will head the group. Other members are Messrs. Herman Gottesman, Abraham Mazer, Judge Geller, Samuel Hausman, Mendel S. Goldstein, Joseph H. Lookstein Samuel Melitz, and Rabbis Herbert and Leo Jung.

Commenting on another administrative innovation, the Inter-Faculty Committee, which was announced a few weeks ago, Mr. Levy remarked: “The formation of this body is a novel attempt at effecting a greater measure of unity of purpose in the academic efforts of the different branches of Yeshiva College. A constant exchange of ideas between the representatives of the

schools will establish more effective contact leading to wider expression of the fundamental policies and ideals of this institution, namely, those of a comprehensive and harmonious religion and academic education."

In order to solve another difficulty raised by the passing away of two of the Talmudic scholars who were members of the three man semicha board, Dr. Revel and Rabbi Soloveitchik, a temporary board consisting of Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Rabbis Bernard L. Levinthal and Benjamin Aranowitz, was formed.