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Yeshiva Friends to Convene At Astor (Vol. 3, Issue 8)

A national convention of Jewish leaders to be held on December 11 and 12 at the Hotel Astor will initiate a series of dinners and social events which will continue throughout the winter, as part of the elaborate Jubilee Find campaign for $1,000,000. 

Immediately following the close of the convention, a dinner will be held at the Hotel Astor with the minimum subscription at $100. 

Although the campaign for $1,000,000 has been under way less than one month, it has already succeeded in liquidating $340,000 in debts, enabling the burning of the second mortgage held on the Yeshiva College building. As a result of this success in view of the short length of time since its start, Jacob Salzman, executive director of the arrangements committee expressed the belief that all of the Yeshiva liabilities might well be liquidated by the end of the convention on December 12. He told a reporter “At the present time we are working on certain contracts, and can expect quite favorable results.” 

Heading the entire Jubilee Fund drive is Rabbi Irving Miller of Far Rockaway, who is an alumnus of the Yeshiva and is well-known as a Zionist, having been one of the delegates representing American Zionism at the recent world congress held at Zurich, Switzerland. 

Many of the most prominent state and city officials have been invited to attend the dinner. Among these notables are included Governor Lehman, Mayor La Guardia, and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University.