By: R.M.  | 

In the Editor’s Mail Box (Vol. 2, Issue 13)

Note: The grammatical errors in this letter are as they appeared in the original print version of The Commentator.


To The Editor of the Commentator: 

Dear Sir: 

While I realize that all types of letters are and should be printed in the Commentator, upon the principle of freedom of the press, it seems to me that greater discrimination should be exercised in this matter. It is improper for you to pass upon the content of such letters, but certainly your mail box should not be permitted to injure the impeccable style or the good taste of your paper. 

Earlier this year you printed a signed letter of which the lack of taste and wise-guy-isk attitude caused much unsavorable comment. Had that letter been omitted, not only would your paper have been spared a blight byt the writer himself would have saved his reputation. I might add that this [illegible] would have fared much better. 

The letter printed in last week’s Commentator concerning the dining room has certainly lowered your prestige. Gramatical errors might be excusable, but downright illieracy has no place even in your mail box.