By: Rat More Cleanly  | 

In the Editor’s Mail box (Vol. 2, Issue 12)

To the Editor of the Commentator:

Dear Sir:

I am writing this to you in the hope that your paper may have some space to devote to a few words which I will write about something awful in our midst, the dining hall.

Unfortunately, a person of intelligence and scruples cannot ear there without botherings of his conscience, and I myself am included in this group, by experience.

The glasses are very very filthy and the milk in them is not [illegible]. And the sour cream is really awful. Full of milk, water (which are synonymous anyhow there) or something even worse.

Are we men, or are we mice?

And the poor students who unfortunately wait there. They are suffered and persecuted and made to work for almost nothing.

Please let us all voice our objections very strongly and powerfully to stop this evil like we did to Brohmer if necessary.

Yours truly