By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Dining Room Difficulties (Vol. 2, Issue 13)

A hard perennial in the roster of sources of local irritations and grievances has always been the dining room. Looking back, we recall concessions going and new concessions coming, each in its day a cause for continued justifiable complaint on the part of students.

It is therefore a distinct encouragement to find that students have not lapsed into taking poor lunch-room management for granted, and that they are still ready to assert themselves in concrete fashion to gain an objective.

What is even more encouraging is the fact that signs point to the amicable and satisfactory arrangement in amelioration of those conditions which prompted the protest action taken by students this week.

All credit is due to the S.O.Y. dining room committee for the aggressive part it has taken in bringing about the present negotiations with the dining room management. Likewise the interest shown by the Woman’s Organization must be highly commended.

So long as there exists no non-profit, cooperative management in the Cafeteria, a constant medium of communication will be needed between students and proprietor of the concession. It is upon the committee that dining-room problems of the recent sort must constantly devolve.

Such a committee always must have the function of making manifest student opinion with respect to dining-room management. It must, to perform its function, be assertive and most unequivocally so.

We are glad the present committee has taken this attitude. Congratulations are due it, and also the students whose united action brought closer the realization of a new era of understanding and cooperation in the dining-room.