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Council Votes Committee for Aid in Planning (Vol. 2, Issue 12)

A committee to cooperate with the faculty and administration in the consideration of the five year plan and its various versions was voted unanimously by Student Council last night.

The committee is to present student opinion on the various questions to the faculty and administration committee which will consider the plan and its modifications in an intensive study of the entire question during the next few months. The committee is also to report to Council from time to time.

As members of this group Irving Ribner ’37, president of Council, appointed Eleazer Goldman ’37, Mordecai Gabriel ’37, Abe Cohen ’37, and A. Leo Levin ’39.

Council also referred to committee a proposal to provide for the raising of funds. According ro the plan the students would [illegible] a W.P.A. production in the college auditorium. Profits would be divided fifty per cent for Student Council and fifty per cent to the W.P.A. The English version of Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here”, is being considered.

After hearing the constitution of the Commentator read in full, Council unanimously approved it. The constitution provides for an autonomous self-perpetuating organization through the medium of the Governing Board, which reelects its successor.