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Choice of Dean Not Likely Now, Alumni Notified (Vol. 2, Issue 13)

The appointment of a dean for Yeshiva College in the near future js not being actively considered by the administration according to a  report submitted by the Committee on Deanship at a special meeting of the Alumni Association held last Sunday evening January 10.

Lack of funds was cited in the report as reason for such a decision on the part of the administration. It was suggested however, that the committee continue its search for men with the necessary qualifications and submit any possible candidates.

A committee was appointed to see what can be done to enhance the religious spirit in Yeshiva. One of the objectives is to pay closer attention to the religions background of incoming students.

It was also disclosed that the first issue of the Quarterly would be distributed at the theater party

to be held at the Yiddish Art Theatre on West 49th Street February 2, 1937. All signs indicate the affair will be a successful one.