By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

A Welcome Opportunity (Vol. 2, Issue 12)

It is very gratifying that an understanding has finally been reached concerning the general question of the five year plan. It is now generally admitted that only the skeleton of the plan exists. The precise organization and application of the plan has not as yet been promulgated.

We understand that the various problems which the five year plan involves are to be given careful consideration by different faculty committees, during the next few months. Moreover, the plan made public last week according to which the application of the five year plan to a student would depend upon his scholastic understanding, has not been adopted as a definite policy. It is rather a proposed program which will be submitted for study to the various faculty and administrative committees.

We believe that this situation presents a marvelous opportunity for cooperation between students, faculty and administration. Student Council has taken the first step in this direction by appointing a special committee to contact the various faculty committees which are considering the different aspects of the plan and to cooperate with them in every way possible.

We have good reason to expect that a clear analysis of the plan will be made and that whatever program is finally adopted will be completely outlined and prepared. On the other hand, if the plan itself is found to have too many serious drawbacks, we hope that those to whom the working out of the plan has been entrusted will not hesitate to recommend its modification.

It is unfortunate that the matter could not have been originally introduced in a manner which would have prevented misunderstanding and unnecessary bitterness. The suddenness with which the plan was sprung upon the student body could have been easily avoided.

The plan might have been thoroughly studied before being proposed. It is to be hoped that much of the antagonism which has arisen because of these facts, will subside, and that a more objective approach may be made to this issue.

There remains only one problem to be cleared up before teaching a more complete understanding, and that is the question of those freshmen who did not receive notification of the institution of the five year plan.

This question, in itself, is independent of the general principle of the five year plan. The question involved is whether or not it is fair to apply the plan to certain students. It should be realized that upon a proper solution of this problem depends on the attitude of a considerable portion of the student body towards the plan.

It is to be hoped that immediate progress can be made in these directions.