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200 Books Presented By Prof. J.T. Shipley In Library Campaign (Vol. 2, Issue 13)

Additions to the English literature collection were received this week by the college library from Prof. Joseph T. Shipley, head of the English department, who contributed close to 200 volumes. It was revealed that Prof. Shipley intends to make further contributions soon.

The collection includes many important sets, chief of which are the Mermaid Series of Texts of English Playwrights, composed of twenty-two volumes, the complete works of George Bernard Shaw, all the plays of Eugene O’Neill, five volumes of Periods of European Literature edited by George Saintsbury, and a history of Theatrical Art by Mantzius. Of interest to philosophy students is also a complete set of Jowett’s translation of Plato’s dialogues.

It was learned that a contribution of twenty books had been received from the Columbia University Library.

Further donations were also made by Prof. Solomon Liptzin who gave a number of pictures of famous authors and H.C. Cohen ’39 who turned over to the library Nordau’s History and Saaints of Chaos by Peter Oliver.