By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Where Support Is Due (Vol. 2, Issue 8)

While the controversy over the editorship of the Masmid has been occupying the attention of students to the point of filling up several columns of the Commentator, the Masmid itself has been badly neglected by the student body.

No matter who the editor is, and no matter how capable he may be, the success or failure of the Masmid rests ultimately with the student body. It is their cooperation and their efforts which mak it possible for the Masmid to appear and which in the end must determine how successful a publication it is to be.

It should be superfluous to impress the students of Yeshiva College with the importance of the Masmid. Everyone desires a year book containing a survey of the year’s functions and a graphic description of school life That the students recognize the significance of an organ reflecting their intellectual activities and containing their creative work, is evident from the great demand for a literary supplement to the Masmid.

We wish, however, to emphasize the necessity of starting work immediately. According to the decision of last year’s Governing Board, the new board must decide within the next few weeks whether or not a separate literary supplement will be issued, If this supplement is to be published it must go to press at the opening of the next term.

In order to do this, the Masmid must obtain enough ads during the next few weeks to guarantee the financial possibility of printing two publications. Articles should be handed in before examinations,

We trust that students will do their share.