By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

The S.O.Y. In Print (Vol. 2, Issue 8)

We are very glad to welcome “Hazedek”, the new publication of the S.O.Y. and to congratulate its publishers upon the appearance of its initial issue.

This other activity helps us maintain the active interest and the alertness of a student body as well as a regularly appearing newspaper voicing free student opinion. Through no other channel can so much be achieved.

It is the experience of the College Student Council that the most effective means for voicing student demands and the most powerful instrument for fighting abone on the college has been the Commentator.

No one knows better than the members of the S.O.Y. how great are the abuses to which the students of the Yeshiva are subject. Students of the Yeshiva have numerous demands to make, many of which have been suppressed for years either through fear or through indolence. We hope that the new Yeshiva paper will not shirk its task, difficult though it may be, and will carry on the fight for Zedek within the institution.

It is to be hoped that the appearance of this newspaper marks the awakening of the S.O.Y. from its lethargy. From the sheer necessity of saying something the present S.O.Y. administration should be forced to broaden its short sighted view.

We believe, further, that the S.O.Y. should attempt to improve the appearance of this paper. If possible, it ought to follow the example of the Commentator and the Nir and appear in regular newspaper form. Much would, then, be added to the prestige of Hazedek.

Such a newspaper should, above all. Be entrusted to the editorship of individuals who have some knowledge of journalism and understand how a paper should be run.

There are, after all, certain journalistic standards to which it is worth adhering It does no harm to write in acceptable literary manner. Stories might just as well have information to convey, and there are certain advantages in defining issues and in saying what one wishes to say in an editorial. Even sermons may have some meaning.

Above all we hope that the editors of Hazedek will discover for themselves in due time, that nothing can be achieved here without exercising efforts and without howling. Real accomplishments can never be attained with the methods of sycophants.