By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

More Than Charity (Vol. 2, Issue 9)

While much has been heard here, in recent years, of the necessity of solidarity in facing problems affecting the American student, we of Yeshiva have neglected another type of student solidarity which is to us of great importance. We refer to the cooperation of students in Yeshivoth throughout the world.

Although there may be many circumstances which distinguish the life of the European yeshiva student from ours there is still much that binds us. We are students of the same subject and heirs to the same tradition. We face similar difficulties and the same hostile environment:

It is unfortunate therefore that distance and other factors preclude close cooperation between these two classes of Jewish students.

There is one way, however, in which we can demonstrate our unity with our fellow student abroad. We are duty bound to aid the student of the European Yeshivoth economically because we are so much more secure in this respect than he is.

The Yeshiva fund is not merely another charity. It is a means of cooperation between Yeshiva students in America and in Europe.